How To Complete ‘The Pickup’ Mission in Cyberpunk Game 2077

How To Complete 'The Pickup' Mission in Cyberpunk Game 2077

Mission: The Pickup” is a pivotal and adrenaline-pumping task that stands out for its tense negotiation scenarios and potential combat outcomes. This mission demands careful decision-making and skillful execution, testing players’ strategic thinking and adaptability. Successfully navigating “The Pickup” requires a keen understanding of its complexities and the ability to make critical decisions under pressure. This article delves into the nuances of “The Pickup,” offering insights into its challenges and strategies for success.

Setting the Scene:

“The Pickup” often begins with an atmosphere charged with tension and uncertainty. Players find themselves in environments where every move can escalate into a high-stakes confrontation. The mission typically involves meeting with a faction or individual to exchange goods, information, or services. The setting is designed to heighten the sense of urgency and the potential for conflict, making it clear that every decision counts.

Negotiation Dynamics:

At the heart of “The Pickup” is the negotiation phase, where players must engage with other characters to achieve their objectives. This phase requires players to read their counterparts carefully, gauging their intentions and reacting accordingly. Effective negotiation in this mission involves balancing firmness with diplomacy, knowing when to push and when to yield. The choices made during these interactions can significantly influence the mission’s outcome, determining whether it proceeds smoothly or descends into chaos.

Assessing the Situation:

Successful completion of “The Pickup” hinges on thorough situational assessment. Players must be aware of their surroundings, potential threats, and the motivations of other characters involved. This involves not only reading the immediate environment but also understanding the broader context of the mission. Recognizing potential allies and adversaries, identifying escape routes, and anticipating possible scenarios are crucial steps in making informed decisions.

Decision-Making Under Pressure:

“The Pickup” is notorious for its high-pressure decision-making moments. Players are often faced with choices that have immediate and far-reaching consequences. These decisions can range from choosing dialogue options during negotiations to deciding whether to engage in combat or attempt a non-violent resolution. The ability to stay calm and think strategically under pressure is key to navigating these critical junctures successfully.

Combat Readiness:

Despite best efforts at peaceful negotiation, “The Pickup” can quickly turn into a combat situation. Players must be prepared for this eventuality, ensuring they have the right equipment, skills, and strategy to handle potential threats. Combat readiness involves not only physical preparation but also mental agility, as players must adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and leverage their surroundings to gain an advantage.

Utilizing Skills and Resources:

The mission rewards players who effectively utilize their skills and resources. This includes leveraging any special abilities, technological tools, or support from allies. Strategic use of resources can turn the tide in both negotiations and combat, providing players with the edge they need to succeed. Knowing when and how to deploy these assets is a mark of a seasoned player.

Learning from Outcomes:

Every run of “The Pickup” provides valuable learning opportunities. Whether players succeed or face setbacks, reflecting on their decisions and outcomes is crucial for improvement. Understanding what worked, what didn’t, and why can help players refine their strategies for future attempts. This iterative learning process is essential for mastering the complexities of the mission.


Mission: The Pickup is a dynamic and challenging task that tests players’ negotiation skills, decision-making under pressure, and combat readiness. It creates an atmosphere of tense interactions and possible conflicts, making it a thrilling experience. To succeed in this mission, one must make a thorough situational assessment, use skills and resources strategically, and be able to adapt to changing situations. By learning from each attempt, one can master “The Pickup” thus turning what seemed like an insurmountable challenge into a rewarding victory.

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